The Cutting Edge in Custom Metalworking

You are building something big; creating something great; working with steel. The challenge you face is that ordinary metal-working tools just can't cut it.

We are equipped with big machines and the expertise to use them safely & skillfully.

Call us to see how our wide array of mighty metal-working machines can take on the toughest tasks you need to complete.

  • High Definition Plasma Table - at 10' X 40,' it's one of the largest in the region; capable of cutting 3" plate steel!
  • Oxy-Fuel Torches - able to slice through an incredible 10'" of solid metal!
  • Hydraulic Press Brake - 250 ton capacity with a total bending length of 14'!
  • Guillotine Shear - provides an amazing overall cutting length of 135"!
  • Industrial Band Saws - able to slice through a full 15" of material!

Plus many more:

  • Iron Worker for cutting, bending coping, notching, everything
  • Automatic Mandrill Pipe Bender can handle up to 3" tubing
  • Milling Machinery for custom metal machining
  • Industrial Drill Press to complete the hole process